In progress

  • D. Grossi, C. Proietti. Graphs, Games and Logics. An Introduction to Abstract Argumentation.
  • D. Grossi. Lecture Notes on Voting Theory.
  • S. Airiau, N. K. Dupuis, D. Grossi. Wise Juries and Wise Markets.
  • X. Su, J. Fan, D. Grossi, B. Kooi and R. Verbrugge. Commonly Knowing Whether.
  • S. Bloks, D. Grossi. Amendment Procedures with Status Quo.
  • N. Orzan, D. Grossi, R. Radulescu. Learning to Cooperate in a Three-Person Public Good Game.
  • G. Dari-Mattiacci and D. Grossi. Mutual Persuasion. Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics Working Paper No. 2016-08.