Working papers

Working papers and papers under submission

  • A. Bracciali, D. Grossi, R. de Haan. Consensus via Trust Networks: Decentralization and Computational Limitations.
  • X. Su, J. Fan, D. Grossi, B. Kooi and R. Verbrugge. Commonly Knowing Whether. Under submission
  • D. Grossi, C. Proietti F., S. Smets, F. Velazquez-Quesada. Bipolar Argumentation Frameworks, Modal Logic and Semantic Paradoxes
  • A. Pazienza, S. Ferilli, F. Grasso, D. Grossi, R. Palmieri. Predicting Financial Analysts’ Recommendations from Earnings Conference Calls: A Computational Argumentation Approach. Under submission.
  • G. Dari-Mattiacci and D. Grossi. Mutual Persuasion. Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics Working Paper No. 2016-08
  • J. van Benthem, D. Grossi, P. Turrini. Backward Induction with Limited Foresight