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Photography Here‘s a link to my portfolio. This is a picture I published on the Guardian weekly photo contest. Two of my pictures are currently exposed on Boulevard Lannes, Paris, in front of Paris-Dauphine University: this one, and this one.

Sport I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee with UFO, Ultimate de Lux and Crunch and played in the  World Ultimate Club Championship  (Prague, July 2010).

Some interesting links

European Digital Democracy Network (EDDY network)

The usefulness of useless knowledge, by A. Flexner (1939),  and recent talk (2017) by Robbert Dijkgraaf

To build a better ballot, by N. Case

Hintikka’s world, by IRISA, Rennes

The Open Logic Project

RASTA (Recognizing Artistic Style Automatically), by A. Lecoutre, F. Yger, B. Negrevergne

The painting fool

AI Magazine

AILA Associazione Italiana di Logica e Sue Applicazioni

Computing before Computers

Ariel Rubinstein’s Cafe Atlas

The Amsterdam University College Logic YouTube Channel

The Syllabus, reading recommender system

Science vs Magic maths art

Racism and Technology Center