15-16 December 2022: Panelist at the Liquid Democracy Workshop by Democracy Net. University of Zurich.

10-14 October 2022: Lorentz Workshop on Algorithmic Technology for Democracy (co-chair)

29 September 2022: PhD graduation of Xingchi Su

20-22 August 2022: LOFT-14 (Program co-chair & organizer)

4-8 July 2022: Dagstuhl Workshop on Algorithms for Participatory Democracy

9-13 May 2022: Best Paper award in the Blue Sky Ideas track of AAMAS’22

6-7 April 2022: ICT.OPEN (Program co-chair)

29 November 2021: Maaike Los receives 2nd prize in the KNVI/KIVI KHMV Young Talent Award for best MSc thesis in Informatics at a Dutch university in 2020/21

2-6 August 2021: ESSLLI2020 course with Carlo Proietti: Abstract Argumentation & Modal Logic

28-29 June 2021: EUMAS 2021 (online)

25-27 June 2021: TARK’21 (online)

20 April: Talk at the Online Social Choice and Welfare Seminar Series

6-7 April 2021: Invited talk at the Workshop on Deliberation and Polarization, Free University of Amsterdam

1 April: Talk at the Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics seminar

26 March 2021: Invited talk at the SCONE workshop on Liquid Democracy, University of Toulouse

4-7 February 2021: Two papers presented at AAAI’21

14 December 2020: Keynote talk at Logic of Agency, Counterfactuals and Norms (LACN)

24 November 2020: Talk at OSCMART Seminar

18 November 2020: Keynote at Modelling of Social Complexity in Argumentation, Lorentz Center

25 April 2020: invited talk at Democratie van de Toekomst (Democracy of the Future), Flemish Parliament (canceled)

30 January 2020: invited talk at the 3rd Annual Blockchain Symposium, Delft Blockchain Lab, TU Delft

22 January 2020: public lecture on Democratic Algorithms, Groninger Forum

4 December 2019: Invited talk at ILLC Lunch, ILLC, University of Amsterdam

8-10 November 2019: Invited talk at Nonclassical Logics and Judgment Aggregation workshop, Prague

5-7 November 2019: Invited talk at the Workshop on Logic and Argumentation, TU Vienna

15-20 September 2019: Invited participant to the Dagstuhl workshop on Application-oriented Computational Social Choice

13 September 2019: talk at the Delft Blockchain Lab seminar, Distributed Systems, TU Delft

Recognized as Distinguished Senior Program Committee Member of IJCAI’19

11-13 June 2019: Invited talk at the Deliberation, Belief Aggregation, and Epistemic Democracy II workshop, Cergy-Pontoise Uni

6-7 June 2019: Invited talk at 3rd ILLC workshop on Collective Decision Making, University of Amsterdam

12-15 April 2019: Invited expert at Odyssey Hackathon

11-12 April 2019: Invited talk at Individual Preferences and Social Choice workshop, Uni Graz

9 April 2019: Invited talk at DYCODE lecture series, Uni Bayreuth

4 December 2018: talk at the AI colloquium, Bernoulli Institute

5 November 2018: Guest Lecture at Bocconi University on Consensus Protocols at the Introduction to Blockchain course

26 October 2018: Talk at the CogniGron kick-off meeting

2-5 October 2018: Invited talk at the From Shared Evidence to Group Attitudes workshop, Prague

2-6 July 2018: Models of Bounded Reasoning in Individuals and Groups, Lorentz Center, Leiden

12 June: Invited talk at New Directions in Reasoning about Belief and Knowledge, Amsterdam

31 May – 1 June 2018: Invited talk at Colloquium on Reasoning in Social Context, KNAW, Amsterdam

24 May: talk at LIRa, ILLC, Amsterdam

10 May: Invited talk at Politecnico di Milano, Polimi Fintech

12 April: talk at ENS, Paris

10 April: Talk at the Economic Theory Seminar, Cergy-Pontoise University

Feb-Apr 2018: Invited Professor at LAMSADE, Université Paris-Dauphine

12 Feb 2018: Invited talk at Blockchain workshop, Law School, University of Amsterdam